The central question to be resolved is, of course, 'who is Jazz-Man?'

The answer is simple - deceptively simple, in fact. Jazz-Man is the guy in the Santa hat. To keep his cool eternal (in a McLuhanesque kind of way), Jazz-Man must eat snow. Lots of snow. Luckily, he is trapped in a maze that is full of it. Snow, that is. In any event, he gets 10 karma points for every snow-flakie that he eats.

The only things that Jazz-Man likes more than snowflakes are candy canes. Eating these giving him plenty of 'wah-wah' energy, and thus many more karma points ; 500, as it happens.

Jazz-Man, like the other rotund one who favours red hats with pom-poms, has very few enemies. He does have one, however, and that is sheet music. Jazz-Man is an improvising-kind-of-cat, you know, so notes written down on a musical score are definitely not his style. The Notes know this, and they fear the cool cat who eats copious amounts of snow.

So they hunt him.

But when Jazz-Man eats the Super-Magic-FuntaboPill (last seen orbiting the Mystical EyeBall in one of our other Shockwave games), he gets to turn the tables on his pursuers to the strains of a groovy-fast bebop beat. He also gets 50 karma points right away, and 250 for every Note he blows away.

Have yourself a very Jazzy Christmas.


Left Right Up Down
A or J or Left Arrow D or L or Right Arrow W or I or Up Arrow W or I or Down Arrow


Lo   Hi
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


This game was developed as an hommage to one of the finest arcade adventures of all time. Additionally, we were also very curious to see if something like this could be developed using Macromedia's Director, and delivered through Shockwave. Well . . . it can.

We hope that you enjoyed Jazz-Man. In our eyes, Shockwave is much more than an enabling technology; it is a medium through which developers of interactive multimedia can communicate their vision to a global audience, and in so doing collaborate in the definition of what the World Wide Web will be. In short, study hard, code harder, and get your own Shockwave projects on the Web! We'll be looking forward to seeing them.


Robert Gordon
President, The Article 19 Group Inc.


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