• Fly over the red vitamin when it's on your side of the Mystic Eye to acquire pointage.
  • Fly over the Mystic Eye to recoup fuel that you have lost in your travels and travails.
  • Avoid the Big Purple Oblongs. They represent supreme badness, and should be punished. Shame you don't have any firepower, but we don't condone that kind of behaviour. Punish them instead with long, sneering looks.
  • You have 100 seconds to enjoy the experience; make much of it lest you feel emptiness at the end of it all like people in big mansions often times feel.


<-- Left --- --- Right --> Thrust
A or J D or L W or I


We started this company because we didn't want to:

- Sell anything for a living.
- Manufacture anything for a living.
- Buy anything for a living.
- Sell anything manufactured or bought for a living.
- Manufacture anything bought or sold for a living.
- Buy anything manufactured or sold for a living.

Instead, at the top of the corporate wish-list you will find the desire to glide through the Universe on a silver surfboard. Unfortunately, this is of moderate difficulty to accomplish in reality, but HeadTrip is a decent first effort to create a virtual equivalent to the 'zone'. At least we think so.

And, oh yes, apologies to T. Dolby, but we thought of the name first...Massive Attack, on the other hand, remains the music of choice for late-night hacking sessions of all kinds.

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