• Click on the "PLAY" button to start a new game.
  • Watch the game, then click the coloured corners in the same order.
  • Click on the "HINT" button to replay the last round.
  • Use the slider to set the speed at which the game runs.


The story of Simple Simon is a convoluted and tragic one, and served as the inspiration for this game.
In brief, Simple Simon was a pie-man, and ate his curds and whey.
One day, along came an arachnid, which sat down beside him.
And frightened the pie-man away.

Simple Simon also lived in a shoe (albeit a rather nice one).

While playing FOLLOWME may seem like a fairly trivial exercise in memory, concentration and focus, when one considers that the four colors represent the four poles of the moral compass that Simple Simon apparently followed, it becomes clear that somewhat more is at stake.

FOLLOWME is really what could be called a jeux d'artifice (translation: the game that sparkles in the sky with the intensity of many Roman Candles). As you follow Simple Simon's tragic journey, you will eventually err, for the path to degradation is fraught with many slippery weasels. Be wary, and be quick, and jump over that candlestick.

Thank you for your kind attention in regards to this matter.

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