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Jigsaw Travels

Jigsaw Travels

Jigsaw Travels


Product: Daily Jigsaw Travels

Daily Jigsaw Travels will take you to a new and exciting location each week. By solving a new puzzle each day and a bonus puzzle on the weekend, you'll be able to virtually visit new cities, states, countries, natural wonders, historic sites, important buildings and more!

You'll spend a week in Monument Valley, a week in Bangkok's Grand Palace, a week in Machu Picchu and so on - it all adds up to some serious virtual travel time for jigsaw puzzle lovers!

Play the current day's puzzle if you want a regular jigsaw style. The rest of the days and bonuses all have special puzzle shapes, styles, and effects.

It's a big, beautiful world out there, once all the pieces fall into place. Bon Voyage!

Jigsaw Travels is currently available exclusively at

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