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Jigsaw Puzzle Engine

Jigsaw Puzzle Engine

Jigsaw Puzzle Engine


Technology: Jigsaw Puzzles

Article 19 has developed a suite of jigsaw puzzle products powered by our Jigsaw Puzzle Engine - a set of code modules that support authoring and playback of digital jigsaw puzzles. The Jigsaw Puzzle Engine has the following features:

  • Infinite random deterministic puzzle cuts
  • Smooth, crisply edged, beveled, and extruded pieces
  • Liquid interface to match any screen size
  • Multiple cutting styles
  • Multiple piece layouts
  • Multiple special effects
  • Photo or Video content

The Jigsaw Puzzle Engine drives the functionality of all of our jigsaw puzzle products. Please see the individual product pages (listed below) for details on purchasing and licensing. All of our jigsaw puzzle products can currently be played exclusively at

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