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Client: Discreet Logic
Project: dTV (DiscreetTV)

Article 19 produced the dTV - 'Interactive & Enhanced Television Services' application as a proof-of-concept piece for Discreet Logic to accomplish the following:

  • to prove that interactive services can now be built and connected to real-time graphics systems with off-the-shelf development tools and deployable on standard platforms
  • to provide a development tool to facilitate learning what it would take to bridge an internet-based multi-user application to television graphics to develop a model for synchronizing television graphics with web push/pull events
  • to show a proof of concept to key customers and provide a deployment path from small to large load applications

The dTV application features:

  • 6 prototype applications developed entirely with off-the-shelf tools (Macromedia Flash & Director / Shockwave)
  • a set-top box-like user interface w/ barker channel applications that could be enabled by broadband connection speeds
  • push/pull-type productions synchronized with TV for live news/special events shows, interactive voting/polling, multi-user trivia game synchronized to tv channel, ecommerce demo synchronized to home shopping tv channel, & interactive virtual studio show.

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