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Started in 1996, The Article 19 Group inc. is an Interactive Content Design Studio. Applying our extensive experience in multimedia production and project management we specialize in the Design, Development, and Deployment of professional digital media front-end solutions for business communications, education, and entertainment.



Located in cosmopolitan Montreal, Article 19 is part of the city's extensive and growing multimedia industry. The profusion of talented artists, composers, writers and coders flocking to the 'Cite Multimedia' feeds and expands the creative horizons of our work, maintaining our position as a leading design firm.

Making it work

One of our primary concerns at Article 19 is to ensure the total quality of the solution being delivered. The best of designs quickly loses its impact if the software application or Web site that contains it fails to operate correctly and consistently. Our rigorous attention to detail, our expertise in product planning and testing, and our thirst for efficiently attained perfection are just a few of the strategies we employ to ensure satisfaction.


Making it fun

At Article 19 we continuously innovate, craft, and play as we strive to make our titles increasingly engaging and impacting. In addition to focusing our attention on the experience of the audience - we also place great emphasis on the experience of the project team. Developing multimedia is supposed to be enjoyable as well as challenging and highly creative, and we aim to provide a grand experience for all team members.

Partnering for productivity

At Article 19 we have a heightened sensitivity to client needs and concerns. One of our goals is to establish a working environment rooted in honesty, sincerity, and trust so that the creative energy that drives a project forward can fully flourish and be effectively managed. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to design, develop and deploy the very best in interactive multimedia.



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